Aegis Firearms Lubricant

Is your lubricant heavier than water? If not, maybe you should checkout Aegis Firearms Lubricant. We provide excellent water displacement, superior lubrication, rust inhibitors and effective in all weather conditions. This all adds up to produce a top of the line product.

Now with Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide


· Excellent Extreme Pressure protection

· Reduces coefficient of friction

· Superior performance under the most demanding

conditions of high temperature and oxidation

· Outstanding corrosion inhibiting characteristics

· Prevents micropitting and surface fatigue

· Extended performance and wear protection

Aegis Firearms Cleaner

We bring to you a robust firearms cleaner. Which is, Non Toxic, Non Caustic, Non flammable, Biodegradable and is safe on most all finishes/surfaces. (we haven't found a finish/surface yet that can be damaged by our cleaner)


I have been using these products for several years. They are the only thing I trust with all my guns.

Trey Miller-Ghost Tactical

I have been using these products now for over two years, and to be honest, I push it on everyone I know. The reliability of a working product that does everything it says had me sold from day one. The consistency of how their solution cleans and protects leaves me at ease knowing when I grab my firearm it will perform to its capability whether in competition or a real-world situation. This is one product I stand behind and you will hear me say it publicly as well... GO GET YOU SOME OF "THE AEGIS GUN CARE GUN PRODUCTS NOW", but tell them Michael Woodland sent you...

Michael Woodland-MW-Tactical

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