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Aegis Gun Care

Aegis Firearms Lubricant With / IF-WS2

Aegis Firearms Lubricant With / IF-WS2

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Firearms lubricant: heavier than water, rust inhibitors, friction modifiers. Safe on all surfaces. Made in the USA. 2 fluid ounces.

  • Aegis Lubricant is a synthetic lubricant which means that it is a man-made product and it is a true lubricant. It is not a petroleum (oil) based.
  • Aegis Lubricant has a High Specific Gravity (HSG) which means that it is heavier than water. Water and humidity will not penetrate this product thereby preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Aegis Lubricant creates a lubricant barrier which reduces friction and heat, the biggest enemy against gun accuracy and overall performance.
  • Extreme Pressure Additives were added to help the molecules stay intact while also reducing friction.
  • Aegis Lubricant has a very Low Volatile Organic Content VOC. 75% lower than petroleum-based lubricants.  This means that its evaporation rate is extremely slow, protecting the gun surfaces longer.
  • Aegis Lubricant now contains IF-WS2:     
  • · Excellent Extreme Pressure protection
  • · Reduces coefficient of friction
  • · Superior performance under the most demanding conditions of high temperature and oxidation
  • · Outstanding corrosion inhibiting characteristics
  • · Prevents micro pitting and surface fatigue
  • · Extended performance and wear protection
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